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Sometimes you miss the little gems that are just on your doorstep. You wander past without even noticing, thinking to yourself we really could do with a cosy little cocktail bar in Broughton. Yeah, you’d heard somebody had taken the space under Fhior but that happened when it was still Seasons. Was it still there? And then to your horror you discover it is still there. In fact it’s been open almost a year – time to check it out.
And so D and I ventured to Kin early on a rather chilly Saturday evening. First up, I noticed the sign on the door: Kin, Making Drinks, Mixing Memories – a portend of a drunken evening perhaps? Like all good Speakeasy bars, you head down a set of rickety stairs and enter a basement bar with two adjoining rooms. The first has the bar, some stools and a table for four tucked into the corner. The second feels bigger thanks to the full-length mirrors on one wall but still only has about eight tables. The décor is minimalist – whitewashed stone walls, a dark ceiling and subdued lighting, everything you’d expect from a great basement bar.
Table service rules here, so after a warm welcome from the co-owners Jody and Sam we’re shown to a table in the mirrored room and handed the menus. The downside of getting old is the inability to read small menus in low lighting even with your glasses on! Fortunately the tealight on the table threw out just enough light for D and I to make out the drinks. D opted for the Baroness (£8) and I asked for a perfect Manhattan (£10) made with rye.

The drinks were simply presented in coupettes which I must admit I prefer to a martini glass, and both were well made. The Baroness, which was created as a challenge to make a Kir Royale without the champagne was wonderful. A rich, fruity, slightly sparkling combination of raspberry, citrus , Rosa vermouth and Broker’s gin. The Manhattan did not disappoint.
D then opted for her usual, a very dry Martini (£10) made with Broker’s gin and I had the Poppa Bax (£9). The Martini was the only slight disappointment – not quite dry enough for D’s palate. The Poppa Bax was, however, delicious. A blend of bourbon, Green Chartreuse, Carpano Classico and Bianco with a dash of orange bitters.
This was perfect for a Manhattan lover. Kin, don’t just keep in the family, bring along your kith! (M Earl)  

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