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Bistro Du Vin - Je ne regrette rien
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Bistro Du Vin
11 Bristo Pl,,
0131 285 1479

 A visit to Bistro du Vin to sample the new Autumnal menu is like slipping into a warm bath; the Gallic equivalent of hygge where comforting rustic dishes meet the vineyards of France.

Just make sure you order the onion soup.

Mr Bite does and it arrives with so much Gruyère on top that it looks like a pie. When he breaks through the cheesy lid he discovers onions that have been patiently caramelised to sweet, translucent perfection in a cockle-warming beefy broth. Nothing screams Autumn more. 

This side of ‘La Table’ I crack into a couple of giant salt cod croquettes and their aroma is released in a waft of steam.  These are a Provencal speciality and one for the fish lovers like me.  A Romesco sauce is provided for dipping purposes (note to self make this at home) and pale yellow endive lend a crunchy bitter foil for the salty fish. 

Mr Bite wins the main course challenge hands down. I am a little disappointed with my Normandy fish stew. The sauce has really good flavour but the dish is a little skimpy on the fish and potatoes on the side are rendered redundant after my croquette starter. His duck shepherd's pie though is delicious and another one to try ‘Chez Bite’.  Plentiful confit canard has been pulled to form a deep, rich, meaty stew kept hot in a casserole dish and topped with creamy mash. Top marks. His pint of Deuchars is the perfect libation; malt is complementary whilst citrus cuts through the richness. I have a glass of purple wine from Minervois in the Languedoc where punchy fruit and herbs meet cashmere soft tannins. 

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