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Wine with Luke Richardson of Le Di Vin
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Le Di Vin
9 Randolph Place,

In a new series for Bite we chat to the people behind the wine lists around town to get the insider track on what’s on the list and what to drink this season. We start with Luke Richardson, sommelier in an old favourite of the Edinburgh wine bar scene, Le Di Vin.

People’s wine stories are always fascinating, rarely does someone get into wine on purpose, and Luke is no exception. His is a story of country boy getting a job in hospitality because of a girl and ending up falling in love with wine. And by following a trail of cork crumbs he ended up in London when wine, like everything else, was getting the Cool Britannia swagger. 

At Le Di-Vin we find him bringing together the discipline and standards you learn from working with Master Sommeliers, "you learn fast when someone confiscates your tips if you can’t describe a wine immediately. For three years I didn’t get any tips!” with a very human element. "I believe there is a wine for everyone and it’s our job to create an environment tailored to our guests and find that wine with them.”

Which means there are lots of interesting wines on a list of around 80 in total, many by the glass and the attitude is one of exploration. He likes to ‘share’ wines with the customers, if they are interested, so will happily give tasters of wines he has open to help people discover something new. 

What’s good on the list right now? There are some gems on the list including the Lot 18 Viognier, Marques de Lara Vinho Verde and Biferno Rosso all around £6 - £6.50 a glass.

Standout bottle : La Chapelle du Clos 2014, Cahors, £33
Cahors (Ka-hore) is a rarity on a wine list these days, Malbec from its homeland of the west of France. Traditionally Cahors is less easy going than many of its Argentinian counterparts, with more tannin and structure, so you tend to need one with a few years under its belt. 

This is has some delicious blackcurrant fruit with lovely perfume and a leafy, leathery edge that gives it some layers to savour. A really good wine for the autumn season.

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Tasting notes are the author’s own. (NH. Welch) 

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