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St Andrews Brewing Company
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St Andrews Brewing Company
32-34 Potterrow,,
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Sun-Wed 9.30am-midnight, Thur-Sat 9.30am-1am

Ye cannae get mair Scottish than a tweed kettle…

Imagine Edinburgh around 200 years ago. Imagine Auld Reekie, reeking with the great unwashed, very few of whom had their own kitchen. Street food was a necessity back then and oysters were scoffed by the general population, with claret swilled down in bawdy local eating houses. ‘Tweed kettle’ is an old Scottish dish, a combination of foraged ingredients including lovage, sorrel, mace and tatties with wild caught salmon holding it all together and offering much-needed nutrition.

Fast forward to 2018 and forward-thinking St Andrews Brewing Company has made the mighty move of introducing some old (but not forgotten) authentic Scottish dishes, with a modern twist, to their menu. Sustainable sea trout is used nowadays, and the presentation is more attractive than what would have been a stew-type dish slopped out for one and all.

The St Andrews Brewing Company expanded to Edinburgh last year (in what was the Potting Shed on Potterrow), bringing not only crafted beers, but also a skilled team to their kitchen. Their mission is clear, to celebrate the provenance of good old fashioned Scottish scran coupled with a selected range of locally produced bevvies. The menu aims to please.

Starter highlights include crispy fried goats cheese, flavoursome haggis bon bons and Cullen skink The aforementioned Tweed kettle is recommended paired with the St Andrews Brewing Co Fife Gold ale, or you could enjoy confit partridge with their bramble saison beer. Less traditional is the Bowl section of the menu (all veggie, all £8.95), that will appeal to those keeping an eye on their waistlines, "the perfect balance of grains, veggies and proteins”. It will be interesting to see how the menu evolves, as for the minute it’s brand spanking new and looking promising.

As a curious foodie, I would have liked to see a list of their local suppliers (partly so I could add the goats cheese to my shopping list), however perhaps this will come with time. In the meantime, St Andrews Brewing Company is on my list to take the next batch of house visitors to. It’s a Taste of Scotland minus twee. (T. Griffen)

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