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Ben Reade of Edinburgh Food Studio
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What is your favourite comfort food? Eggs. in any form, normally with Company Bakery sourdough.

If you could take one cheese to a desert island what would it be? A really old Gouda. I love the way that you get these crunchy crystals alongside the nuttiness.

What is your favourite seasonal recipe at the moment? Right now, I’m really digging James Murray’s (head chef at EFS) creamy pumpkin soup made with crown prince squash, pumpkin seeds, cold pressed pumpkin seed oil. 

What is your idea of a romantic dinner a deux? Bottle of Jurancon demi -sec, a tin of cuit foie gras, some crusts of bread, an alphonso mango.

What would you drink?That was such an important question that I already answered it. But if there was still a thirst, I’d go a decent old bottle of old red and drink it in bed. 

You recently married, what comprised your wedding meal and drinks? We cooked. It was a mission. We basically emptied the EFS kitchen into a field covered in 2 cheapo gazebos, and we served:

Canapes: Tomato water with confit tomato and chicken liver mouse on rye, hot smoked trout on rye with creme fraiche and smoked caviar. Foie gras and chutney

Starter:Brazilian style black bean soup

Main: Highland cow sirloin, bone marrow bordelaise, dauphinoise.

Dessert: Soft fruit crumble and creme chantilly.

The Cake
I made it.

The Cheese: I can’t tell you all the cheeses. It was for real the best cheese board I’ve ever seen.                 

Any embarrassing food faux pas? Italians think I use too much parmesan.

What would you pack for a picnic up Arthur’s Seat? I’m not one for fancy picnics. I rather tear the bread, bite chunks off a tomato and rip a bit of cheese. 

What is your favourite food memory? Eating Indian food on the floor with my hands with my family as a kid. 

What is your favourite pudding? Raspberry sorbet

What is your favourite restaurant or bar in Edinburgh and why? I love the selection of wine at Henri.

And elsewhere? I really loved a recent lunch at El Celler di Can Roca. So immediately hedonistic. no reflection required, pure and simple joy.

Who would you most like to go out drinking with and why? He’s clearly a prick, but Silvio Berlusconi would probably be pretty good banter, and might choose some decent wine. 

What food/s do you dislike? None really. So long as its good. I hate shit food.

What would order for your last meal? Pasta and pesto - more specifically Trofie con pesto a la Genovese.

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