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27 Elliott’s - Salad Feasts
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27 Elliott’s
27 Sciennes Rd,,
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Browsing  Twitter I came across a book ‘Salad Feasts’ and as fate would have it,  a few days later a fellow Slow Food member mentioned the author who is local Jessica Elliott Dennison. I invited Jessica along to a slow food brunch and discovered she has also opened a café in Marchmont. 

Jessica arrived at our brunch wearing cool jeans, an apron and red shoes proffering a beautiful ceramic plate topped with an electrically colourful tomato and peach salad. She sailed to the top of my ‘eateries I must investigate’ list. 

27 Elliott’s is an elegant, minimal venue with green walls, wooden tables and chairs and one metal surface covered by cakes, meringues and other delicacies.  Attention to detail is evident; every table has a vase with one flower, coasters always accompany glasses and each piece of pottery dishware is unique (and designed by a Glaswegian artist (and designed by a Glaswegian artist called Claire Henry).

I took a window seat and Jess suggested the almond and orange cake. Ground almonds like polenta give cakes a light consistency and this one was topped with a concentrated orange sauce. The cake was so fresh and citrussy it reminded me of Jess’s book. 

Salad Feasts aims to revitalise and elevate our perception of the humble and often neglected potential of a salad. Suggested seasonal variations together with the addition of a selection of textural and varied ingredients can transform a salad into a feast. The book suggests how by assembling meals from a quick ten minute Radicchio, Stilton and Pear to a slow cooked Anchovy Roast Peppers with Smoky Tomato Beans.  

Jess’s café certainly deserves a second visit to sample the savoury options. It is a neighboured café with a sustainable ethos, stylish décor and salads that are a feast for the eyes and the belly. (E. Vanello) 



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