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Rosevear Tea - What the doctor ordered
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Rosevear Tea
100 Bruntsfield Place, 71 Broughton Street and 17 Clerk Street
100 Bruntsfield Place, Edinburgh,EH10 4ES - 0131 261 9854 Mon-Sat 10.00 - 18.00, Sunday 12.00-18.00 71 Broughton Street, Edinburgh, EH1 3RJ - 0131 558 2530 Mon, Wed - Sun 11.00 - 18.00 Closed Tuesday 17 Clerk St, Edinburgh EH8 9JH - 0131 667 846

"My two passions in life are Doctor Who and Tea" says Adam Rosevear proprietor of three eponymous tea shops along with French wife Isabelle.

I am here to discuss tea but have to ask Adam who was his favourite doctor and why?

"Tom Baker" he replies "a great actor and on top of that, the hugely talented Douglas Adams was the head writer for the show back then.”

 A TARDIS would be handy for Rosevear's 130 types of tea but as it is they are clearly labelled and smartly shelved in the Broughton Street, Clerk Street and Bruntsfield outlets.

I get the impression that when Adam and Isabelle get passionate about something whether it’s a Time Lord or a leaf tea, they delve deep.

Isabelle has visited plantations in Korea and in the Indian Ocean and tells me that tea has taken her on a taste journey as well as on a geographical one. Being from the French island of Reunion in the Indian Ocean she didn't grow up with tea as a preferred beverage. However, when she came to Edinburgh to study she met Adam and started to enjoy a cuppa too. Soon she was on to 'oolongs and first flushes'.

While many of their teas are priced around the £5 level, the most expensive tea that Rosevear stock is a Korean black which has an aroma of cocoa and costs £14. Isabelle tells me ‘it's like drinking liquid velvet' and is worth the price tag for the taste but also because the South Korean plantation workers are paid well so the price reflects this.

We move the chat to mindfulness. Adam has created a bespoke smoky brew for me - a mix of Russian Caravan and Lapsang Souchong. The ritual of choosing the leaves, brewing, pouring and sipping is one to be savoured. Drinking loose leaf tea encourages one to slow down and be 'present.'

Adam says he wants to 'democratise tea.' Living in Paris for five years with Isabelle they saw tea boutiques grow in popularity. Their mission in Edinburgh is to offer quality loose leaf tea at an affordable price. You also get 50 pence off if you refill your packet or take your own container.

I discovered Rosevear with free samples of a black tea flavoured with rhubarb (top tip: there is always a sample on the go.) Today however, I leave with a best seller,Turmeric Orchard, enchanted by its yellow colour, apply scent and healthy credentials.

It is in fact - just what the doctor ordered. (S. Wilson)





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