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Springfield Estate, Special Cuvée, Sauvignon Blanc £11.99 Waitrose
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It’s easy to fall in to the trap of being so ‘over’ something that you forget that it can be delicious, and that it was over-exposure, or a slightly hackneyed style of wine that put you off (remember Aussie Chardonnay and the ‘anything but chardonnays’?), for many Sauvignon has fallen into the same trap, but please don’t give up on it completely.

Most people think of New Zealand, Chile and France as the main Sauvignon sources but the WineTubeMap hot tip is South Africa, where Sauvignon is on the up, and distinctly different from others. I’ve tasted a lot recently and every one has had me back on the Sauvignon wagon, craving more.

In the main, South African Sauvignon is less about the nose and more about the palate. Where New Zealand wines leap out of the glass, the South Africans hold back, but then deliver texturally with more creaminess, a long-lasting, intense flavour that combines lush fruit with a distinct green leafiness and then linger on in the mouth, beautifully dry. 

There are lots to try, but I’ve picked a classic, from Springfield Estate. It’s grown on the stony soil, which means the vines must struggle through rock every year to reach the nutrients they need to produce the grapes. Because of this, the vines only produce a few bunches but the flavour is incredibly intense. All gooseberry and limes with an herbaceous edge. It has the tell-tale Sauvignon acidity, but it feels smoother than many others, and leaves you thirsty for more. You may not want lots of glasses so serve as an aperitif and you’ll be delighted!

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