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Many of us want to eat more ethically – a recent survey by Harden’s revealed that 9 out of 10 people questioned said restaurants should create meals that help them make sustainable choices. So how do we choose where to eat with a clear conscience? 

Stand up the Sustainable Restaurant Association. Founded in 2010 this organisation advises restaurants and diners on sustainability and asks the former to consider their impact on the planet, the environment and society. Once the restaurant becomes a member they are then assessed on ten focus areas in order to receive a star rating. Restaurants can be awarded up to three stars, and are placed into the sustainable restaurant directory.

The SRA’s latest campaign to raise awareness is One Planet Plate which encourages restaurants to showcase an ethical plate of food a big part of which involves considering local, organic, seasonal and sustainable criteria when sourcing ingredients. So if you look on their website you will find for example Scottish Cheese Pizza with Kale from East Pizzas in Leith using Corra Linn from Hugh Errington cheese, locally grown kale and Cullisse Scottish rapeseed oil. The site has some great recipes. 

Mrs Bite attended a meal at Cafe St Honoré put together by Chef /Patron Neil Forbes who is the proud recipient of a three star rating from the SRA. Bread and dips for starters was a very modest description of what transpired to be a feast of local produce. Homemade sourdough made with organic St Mungos flour, Arbroath smokie pate, thick slices of succulent yet delicate smoked salmon from Belhaven Smokehouse, roll mop herrings, vibrant crushed pea and Katy Rodgers crowdie pate and fruity heritage purple and gold beets. For main course mackerel wowed us with its freshness, Neil had gently blowtorched the skin and applied minimal heat. A summer berry parfait again made with Katy Rodgers cream and summer berries from Ochil Foods to the side was the seasonal finale to this showcase of Scottish produce. 

Michael Pollan said: "The wonderful thing about food is you get votes three times a day. Every one of them has the potential to change the world.”
Food is integral to all we do. Be part of the picture and vote for a better planet.(S. Wilson)







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