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The Manna House, South Queensferry
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The Manna House
South Queensferry,
45-46 High Street,
South Queensferry,
EH30 9HN
0131 331 1661
Early until 5pm everyday

"And of course we have this" 

The manageress of The Manna House in South Queensferry spreads her hands in deference to the panoramic view of the three bridges across the Forth. Living locally I am ashamed to say I am sometimes blasé about this vista with world heritage status. But it is genuinely awesome and unique. 

Given this location you could probably serve any old rubbish and turn a coin but The Manna House Bakery & Patisserie is a venture of uncompromisingly high standards. Founder Drew Massey is a Master Baker and the trade is in his blood hailing as he does from a line of Lincolnshire artisans. 

Let's start with the cake. I had short listed double chocolate brownies, blueberry and mint opera cake and raspberry cheesecake after some serious nose pressing against the display cabinet. The cheesecake scraped it. Various layers and combos of biscuit,  fruit, cream and soft cheese presented on an oblong of gold card was pretty and just the sort of moussy gateau like entremets I love. I drank peppermint tea to aid digestion as first course had been a generous slice of mushroom quiche and a pile of green veg. The quiche had a rich pastry, wobbly eggy filling and large wheels of earthy field mushrooms. 

Salad was a tasty green heap of mange tout, long stemmed broccoli - just a bit of bite here - and chopped asparagus. It was satisfying but also felt virtuous enough to justify the cheesecake. 

The food is all handmade in house at either South Queensferry or at the original Easter Road branch and I have to say prices are very reasonable. A side salad is £2.50, a salad bowl £5. Soup of the day £4. 

Plus it is a very welcoming and pleasant cafe. Piles of plump proud scones and croissants temptingly adorn the counters whilst bread such as corn, rye, honey and spelt, salt and pepper, sourdough and German 'donker-bread'  fill vintage-style wire baskets. Pottery plates, summer flowers and polished wood finish the look. Staff are friendly and happy. The cafe is pooch and child-friendly. What more could you ask for. (S. Wilson)

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