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Miss Woo's Asian Cocktails and Kitchen
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Miss Woo's Asian Cocktails and Kitchen
7 Bernard Street,
0131 554 4053

Wrong is right

I am out of my cocktail comfort zone.

I like classics – give me a Vesper or a Martini. Ingredients such as Chambord, Benedictine, Cherry Heering and Midori scare me when I recall lurid concoctions from the eighties along with shoulder pads. Miss Woo’s however, is an education and I am completely wrong.

I start with the Mai-Tai-Son. Appleton Reserve, Grand Marnier, orgeat, rock candy and citrus sake under crushed ice, in a copper mug with a flaming lime wheel. Predominant flavours are almond and lime with subtle hints from the others forming a refreshing sophisticated drink.

Miss Woo’s has risen from the ashes of Mamasan’s and Isobar on Bernard Street, Leith right near the Rabbie Burns statue. It’s a long narrow space with Japanese graffiti type décor depicting geishas and cherry blossom.

The menus for food (Japanese street), beer (taps and colourful cans) cocktails (exotic and clever) and wine are tempting one sheet affairs. My partner in crime Eleonora arrived and we ordered dirty fries, bao buns and a sidekick of Asian slaw.

The fries were a revelation; super crispy with creamy, fluffy insides. Burnt ends of pork together with coriander, syboes, chillies, five spice and seasoning appear to have been jumbled up and thrown on top. When you reach the bottom of this big heap of guilty deliciousness (and we did) there is a reduction of porter and peach that soaks up the remaining fries. Sorry to go on….

Let’s talk about the buns.Steamed and made with milk and bleached flour they have a springy texture and gaping mouths for fillings which in this case were duck hoisin and orange for me and confit chicken and peanut satay for E. If you are going to do ‘dirty burgers’ give me this Japanese take any day.

Eleonora has by now consumed a Miss Woo Woo – a tall pink drink of vodka, Chambord, lychee liqueur, pineapple and cranberry and we are on to Tequila Kunis. They are *coughes* ‘punchy’ but that’s what you expect from chilli infused tequila. The hit is tempered by homemade mango syrup. E notes how the sugar and chilli rim changes the flavour of the tequila. We finish with a nutty Vietnamese coffee. Okay confession time. There were two large portions of salted caramel ice cream too.

There is so much to return for at Miss Woo’s not least the ramen and Obi-Wan Negroni. Next time. (S. Wilson)

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