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Perilous Potions from Pop-Up Geeks
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Arch 14
East Market Street,
The Arches nr Waverley,

Calling Harry Potter lovers; a new cocktail bar is in town. The ‘Pop- Up Geeks’ just brought Perilous Potions to Edinburgh!

The Geeks are a small independent team that create drinking experiences inspired by famous movies and TV series. A while ago I went to ‘Blood & Wine’, a tribute to Game of Thrones.
Now the Geeks have adopted a venue at the Arches at Waverly Station and until the end of April they will be experimenting with some magic mixology.

Broomsticks and skeletons adorn the walls and staff are dressed in sorcerer-ish robes to power the atmosphere.

Once seated a book of potions is handed over and you can either challenge yourself to make your own concoction or rely on the wizard bartender. The cocktails recall Harry Potter spells and sound pretty exciting. 

Having sorcerer aspirations I chose a spell – ‘Talpa Syrum’ from the menu. A parchment, a jar and three vials were delivered to my table and I watched spellbound as my drink magically changed colour. It only took adding chameleon tail infusion, octopus slime and troll snot to my ice-filled mixing jar!

Satisfied by my first liquid spell I toasted to my newly discovered skills with Butterbrew, butterscotch ale brewed by the enchanting Stewart Brewing.

If you are still finding out whether you are a wizard, witch or muggle pay a visit to Perilous Potions and perform your own magic. But be aware booking is by table in advance. (E. Vanello) 

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