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The bees knees
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I’m not a big believer in abstinence, that’s my excuse for never, ever following a diet or healthy eating plan. Which isn’t to say that there aren’t merits to them, but just I have a slightly different approach.

I think long term moderation is the key, whether we’re talking about sugar, salt, butter, exercise and most definitely wine But there’s a flipside to moderation which is that bingeing is off – well, except in moderation! Over the past couple of years, I’ve discovered I’d rather have a decent glass of wine more infrequently than drink every glass of plonk going and that means I naturally have a bit less than I used to but don’t feel like I’m ever going without. And I drink more delicious, interesting wines.

So, you will not find me dry Januarying, for me, wine is about relaxing and connecting with friends and family, and we need those things more than ever. But I will be mixing it up even more, and using that as an excuse to buy even more delicious bottles of wine for when I do have a glass.

All this so you know I would never recommend an alcohol-free wine. Mostly alcohol free wines are sweet and uninteresting and I would rather drink something completely different to wine than something that badly pretends it is wine and there are plenty, albeit not enough, alternatives. 

And yet, here, I am, recommending one because it is a good alternative, and its bubbly, and I drank some out of choice the other day, and will be buying some more to have, when I don’t want a glass of any old thing, but do fancy something nice.

The Bees Knees 
A good glass of bubbly which is dry, fresh and with a tasty dose of grapey wine flavour. Unlike so many de-alcoholised wines it has the crisp, dry finish, which I’m assuming is down to the tiny amount of green tea which is blended in with fermented grape juice and carbonated water. The bubbles aren’t quite the same as champagne – and neither is the flavour, but it’s passed the test a few times at home. And it claims to be half the calories of champagne, meaning it could be part of a diet…
Bees Knees £3.49 - £3.99 Morrisons, Ocado, Adnams
(N Welch) 

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