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A snug place between juice and bevvy

How do you feel at this time of year? Energised by the freshness of the New Year stretching before you? Revitalised and rested after time off work with family? Or just bloated and weary from the excess of it all? Chances are you feel a bit of both so ‘Fitbeer’ might just be a fitting product indeed!

FitBeer is a premium quality alcohol free-beer, a low calorie option with just 66kcal per bottle. All the bottle but without the booze it’s refreshing and zingy and could be just the trick to see you through a Dry or at least dri-er January.

This family run business have made it their mission to give those deciding to not drink alcohol a great tasting and indeed, healthy new option. The idea originated with Jim Kean, a recovering alcoholic, who found the usual non alcoholic options on offer to him were either too sweet, too boring or packed with caffeine. He enlisted his children to work on a product that would work and despite only being around a year, Fitbeer already has a Great Taste Award under its belt!

Recognising that non alcoholic beers can struggle to retain the classic beer flavour, research had to be taken very seriously and the team embarked on some in-depth trials across Bavarian breweries. Now they are working with a 500 year old brewery, which use age old techniques to create a distinct product that still meets the flavour profile of a quality beer. Biscuit and fruity complex notes and a hoppy honey aftertaste remain despite the lack of actual alcohol, the mouthfeel and appearance just as you’d expect from a Helles style lager. And since it’s packed with B vitamins you can feel great about your healthy food choices and swig away without annihilating those well intentioned resolutions. 

With the trend toward quality soft drink options firmly on the up, and 5 million Brits taking part in Dry January campaign in 2017,  Fitbeer falls into a snug space between juice and bevvy, a thirst quencher that hits the spot when you feel like a beer but know you really shouldn’t. 

Best to drink with: Salmon fillet and roasted veg, back on the wagon but still indulgent enough to make January brighter
Drink while listening to: Dog Days are Over by Florence and the Machine

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