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La Favorita
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La Favorita
325-331 Leith Walk,,
City of Edinburgh,
Mon - Thur: 12pm to 11pm Fri: 12pm to 11pm Sat: 12pm to 11pm Sun: 12pm to 11pm

Breaking the rules of pizza

Ever since a visit to Naples in 2003, I have failed to find a pizza in the UK that could even begin to compare with the ‘real’ thing.

La Favorita promises an "authentic Italian pizza experience”, so when they were launching a new menu, my friend and I decided to see if they could deliver.
Pizza is a religion in Italy, and there are some very strict rules for the devoted to live by.

1.      Avoid starters. To give your pizza the proper attention it deserves, anything too filling should be avoided, preferably for several hours beforehand. This is a rule I normally obey, however, the salted cod croquettes and macaroni cheese croquettes on the new Fritture section of the menu were just too tempting. Be warned, the latter is practically a meal in itself, but almost worth sacrificing your pizza for!

2.      The best quality Italian ingredients with a classic tomato base. Although La Favorita uses only the finest Italian mozzarella, meats and Mutti tomatoes, they are not strict when it comes to the base of their pizza. The section ‘Hold the tomatoes’ includes pizzas with bases of caramelised onions and mascarpone, demonstrating the restaurant’s commitment to provide something for all tastes and dietary requirements (indeed, all possible allergens are clearly marked on the menu and most dishes can be made gluten free too). On this occasion, my companion and I erred on the side of caution and stuck to tomato bases; in her case, the ‘recommended’ Parmigiana with aubergine, basil and parmesan.

3.      Less is more. For the real pizza purist, just three toppings should be the limit, and the Margherita did look good. However, while my friend played it relatively safe with traditional ingredients, I just couldn’t resist the new, also ‘recommended’ option in the ‘Something different’ section: Zucca Con Nduja, an autumnal combination of nduja, roasted pumpkin, pancetta, red onion, honey and crumbled amaretti biscuit. Rules are, after all, made to be broken, and this was a sweet and delicious transgression.

It may flout a few of the rules, but with a proper log-fired oven and the very best ingredients, La Favorita is certainly pretty close to a genuine Italian pizza, plus a little added Scottish flair

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