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The Old Curiosity
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In recent years Scotland has witnessed the flourishing of many gin distilleries all focusing on a variety of botanicals in their recipes. Us gin lovers are spoilt for choice, with high-quality gins able to match the most demanding palate. The competition is tough and gin companies have to be original to get their market share.

The Old Curiosity surely won’t go unnoticed

From the genius of Hamish, founder together with his wife Liberty of the Secret Herb Garden and the ‘Gin Master’ Steven a new gin concept was born.

The Old Curiosity Gin selection is colourful, scented and magic. The names of the different gins take inspiration from the plants and flowers used to infuse the alcohol.

At the launch of The Old Curiosity, which was held at the Scottish Café and Restaurant, guests sat in front of a placemat with five glasses with a different coloured liquid each for the unveiling of five gins: Chamomile and Cornflower, Apothecary Rose, Lavender & Echinacea, Mallow & Geranium and Damask Rose. Hamish with his charming passion enlightened us about the flowers used and their characteristics. He described how the flowers are the first component and the gin "the passenger”, why he decided to use these two types of roses and how some petals give the colour and others the taste. The catchy marketing phrase for Old Curiosity is "it's a curious thing a color-changing gin…" And they really are! When Hamish announced it was time to add the tonic water, strictly Bon Accord, the magic happened and our gins changed colour in the glass! The smell of the gins was enhanced and colours and scent transported us to a spring garden!

Chef Marcin from the Scottish Café and Restaurant had crafted some bespoke and very tasty nibbles for pairing. That was a smart move which gave us an extra opportunity to appreciate and discover new flower notes.

If you want to add a little bit of magic to your G&T order The Old Curiosity Gins, you will be enchanted. Pinky promise!

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