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The Phoenix at Rabble
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Rabble Taphouse and Grill
55A Frederick St,,
0131 622 7800

Away from the rabble …

It’s early evening and the streets of Edinburgh are crowded with shoppers and workers fighting their way home. Mrs B and I decide to duck into Rabble, the new incarnation of what was Rick’s. 
We were talking cocktails and decided to take a recommendation from the bar staff. 

‘The Phoenix’ promptly appeared looking classy, beautiful and simple whilst the taste was anything but. 

Presented in a classic coupe it has a lively garnish of basil and pineapple dust which releases its fragrant scent as the creamy egg white frosting touches your lips. Then the rich mixture of crème de pêche, pineapple and citrus fruit punches through and back to a childhood favourite lime green Opal Fruits (Sunburst to some). But, the sophisticated balancing of flavours ensures this is appeals to adult tastes, it is no syrupy sweet concoction. Bacardi Rum, fresh zest and rock salt add a touch of warmth which happily dances around your taste buds.    
This cocktail will not only put a smile on your face, but will give your environmental credentials a boost too! Rabble mixologists embrace food waste so it is basil and pineapple 'leftovers' that are dehydrated to form the dust. 

Rabble, along with all the bars within the Montpeliers Group are also the first in Edinburgh to stop using plastic straws, instead you will be offered environmentally friendly paper straw. 
You could happily sit for hours in this comfy bar, away from the rabble enjoying a few of these pretty green cocktails, gradually turning any worries to ash. You will find your spirits rising like a phoenix, refreshed and ready to explore the hearty well executed bar menu that Rabble has to offer.

The Phoenix Cocktail (£7.25) is only available until the end of October so I urge you to diary a visit to taste it and you will burst into flames of delight.     

Connie Bailey runs the popular Edinburgh Salon. 
The Edinburgh Salon

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