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Ostara Cafè
52 Coburg Street,,
0131 261 5441

Brunch is my favourite Sunday treat and I recently had a very good one at ‘Ostara’.

The café is located just off the Water of Leith, close to the Shore and strategically positioned for those who after a walk crave cakes and coffees.

I was told that the restaurant is very ethical about sourcing its ingredients and sure enough when I see the menu it states "Ostara sources food responsibly and supports small local food producers and suppliers” – these suppliers are then dutifully listed at the back of the menu. 

I love eating in restaurants that bring local produce to the table, I feel I am respecting the land and getting closer to tradition.

My partner and I ordered coffees and a slice of carrot cake to break our fast. I was very excited to receive my cappuccino as I learnt the coffee is supplied by Williams & Johnson Coffee Co a micro-roastery based in Leith. The carrot cake was rich, the icing not too sweet and a handful of flamed shaves of dry coconut lifted it to another level. 

I then went for Scottish Crumpet topped with vegetable croquettes, roast seasonal vegetables, spinach and Romesco sauce. I loved it! The yellow courgettes and peppers gave a touch of sweetness which complemented perfectly the smokiness of the sauce. The squishy veg were balanced by precious mini crunchy croquettes. A triumph! 

Clap Clap to Ostara for putting together a very tasty dish with an original twist to a vegetarian breakfast!

My partner had ordered smoked Gammon Rarebit with Dijon Bechamel and Kintyre smoked cheddar. The portion was generous but the dish was quite heavy and lacked an element of freshness which would have balanced flavours in the mouth.

Ostara is open to children and pets of all ages and accommodates any dietary requirements. (E. Vanello)

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