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Kim's Mini Meals
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Kim Mini Meals
5 Buccleuch Street,,
City of Edinburgh,
0131 629 7951

I get quite curious when people recommend places enthusiastically, especially if they have grown up with the cuisine featured. That was the case with Kim’s Mini Meals, a Korean friend of a friend said "It’s one of the best Korean restaurants in town”…I had to try it!

Kim’s Mini Meals is a family run restaurant recommended in the Michelin guide for two years consecutively (2016, 2017). They don’t take reservations and employ a first come first serve system. As Kim’s is quite popular and quite small, be warned you may have to queue outside!

It feels like walking into a doll’s house: pink walls, lace curtains and crockery and porcelain occupying every surface of the scant furniture. Tables and chairs are wee too.

The waitress brought us two menus: one was the actual menu and the other an accompanying book with photos of the dishes. Each main dish includes a soup and a selection of appetizers for the extraordinary price of a tenner.

Along with mains we wanted to try some starters too; the pancakes caught our attention and a potato one and a kimchi one were promptly ordered.

I am not an Asian cuisine connoisseur but I have been told kimchi is a traditional side dish that comprises salted and fermented Korean vegetables. In western words it tastes of pickled chilli vegetables…tasty! I preferred the pancakes with kimchi as the vinegar–like flavour freshens the palate.

Ordering mains we received our complimentary pea soup, very simple but tasty, and five "mini” dishes containing pickled cucumber, a pickled chilli sesame yellow radish, the famous kimchi, triangle shaped fish-cakes and, my favourite, small mushrooms in a curry sauce.

Almost full, we dived into our mains. The ‘safe choice’ was fried udon noodles with seafood, a generous portion enriched by vegetables and sesame, the star of the dish though let us down. Indeed, the fish was chewy, probably cooked too long.

Our ‘brave choice’ was Dolsot Bibimbap a hot stone pot filled with rice, vegetables, a red pepper paste and egg yolk. With the heat of the pot the ingredients, that I mixed together, started cooking. The veggies had the crunchiness of a stir fry whilst the egg scrambled. The taste was delicate but fragrant. The real treat? The rice at the bottom of the pot, for when I got there it was caramelized!

Kim Mini Meals is recommended for virgins of Korean cuisine and for veterans too! (E. Vanello)


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