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Wine Bardolino Le Fraghe, The Wine Society £10.50
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Like everyone, I go through phases when it comes to food and wine, when there’s a default setting for what I want to cook, eat and drink. When you realise you are making the same salad for the 25th time or reaching for the albarino over everything else. 

My current go to has lasted a while, and I’d like to share it. Let me introduce you to the red wines of Northern Italy. First thing to love is the names, which sound sound like they came straight out of a latin grammar book ; Dolcetto, Bardalino, Barbera, Valpolicella and Barbaresco to name but a few. 

Second thing to love is how different these wines are to most other wines out there. They really do have a regional flavour. Northern Italian wines use grapes that are rarely seen elsewhere (Dolcetto, Barbera, Nebbiolo, Corvina) so you don’t find the same vibes from other countries in the world. They have a delicious way of bringing an intense, dark fruitiness, think the darkest of cherries and blackberries with a redcurrant tanginess. So you get all the intensity of the dark fruit but without the heaviness of Malbec or Shiraz for example. 

The above list the above list runs softest to heaviest and the wines aren’t exactly interchangeable, there is a big range of styles between Dolcetto and Barbaresco. But they do all sit in the same flavour zone.

Third thing to love is the refreshing acidity or tanginess, the fact that they are from Northern Italy is important, the climate means the grapes don’t get too hot and overripe in the heat and the wines are very different to the ones you’ll find in Southern Italy. That tanginess is so perfect with food it’s quite addictive, whether it’s tomato sauces, simple steaks or ragu sauces.

Bardolino Le Fraghe, The Wine Society, £10.50

Bardolino is the Fellini film in a bottle. It is grown on the hills near Lake Garda with a high level of stylised sophistication.  A lighter style of red which has a deliciously fragrant cherry flavour laced with some leafy notes that stop it being sickly or heavy. That tanginess I mentioned earlier makes it refreshingly drinkable, so much so that you could pop it in a chiller on a hot day.

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