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Kombucha Workshop at Edinburgh Food Social
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Edinburgh Food Social is a social enterprise providing education about local and seasonal ingredients and how to use them in everyday meals. They deliver school workshops and visits from their recently crowdsourced food van to get communities involved with basic cooking skills and inspired with tasty and healthy ingredients. 

The group are also behind the fabulous food and craft 'Edinburgh Indoor Market' which takes place at the Biscuit Factory in Leith, and run a series of food workshops. From fungi to foraging, they cover a wide range of trendy topics delivered by local experts, a mix of theory and practical to get stuck into.

I was delighted to find this included a Kombucha workshop. While some see it as merely hipster fizzy tea and some a miraculous healing brew or overhyped fad, I care not, I love the stuff. I understand now how once you start nurturing a culture whether it's a sourdough starter or a batch of baby kefir grains, it can become a rather odd obsession, there's something very satisfying about the process of fermenting your food. 

Kombucha is an ancient fermented tea based beverage which is rumoured but not proven to have numerous health benefits. Ruth from 'The Edinburgh Fermentarium' took us expertly through the basics of how to get started with your new friendly Scoby. For the uninitiated this is a Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast. Hang in there, it gets better.

The Scoby which genuinely looks like a scary disc of living jelly feeds on all the caffeine and sugar in the sweet tea you soak it in and converts it into a delicious zesty beverage. Reminiscent of a sweet apple cider vinegar Ruth demonstrated how it can be tweaked to suit preferences, some flavoured with fresh fruit and some spiked with herbs and spices. Personal favourites were Strawberry and Lime Leaf and Ginger and Hibiscus but to ensure the full probiotic top up we tried some savouries too.

‘Stoatin Sauerkraut’ stands out as a winning combination of sweet and sour. ‘Magic Mojito’ is an aptly named mix of cabbage, lime, mint, spirulina and pink Himalayan salt. Kimchi is everyone's new best friend these days but Ruth kicks it up a gear with Kimchi Kvass, so unusual yet refreshing and bursting with goodness vibes. Get going with good gut health and try it!

Edinburgh Food Social events:

17th Sept: Fungi Foray
24th Sept: Autumn Foraging
15th Oct: Essential Breads Workshop
12th Nov: Fantastic Ferments: Kraut & Kimchi
12th Nov: Fermented Drinks: Kombucha!
19th Nov: Bread Baking, Getting Started
3rd Dec: Christmas Preserving Workshop: Jams & Chutneys
10th Dec Christmas Baking Workshop

Biscuit Factory Food & Craft Markets
28th & 29th October
18th & 19th November
16th & 17th December

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