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Jam and Crowdie Flaky Puffs

Happiness is like jam, you can't make it without getting some on yourself. Anon

I love September; it's the month of bounty and preserving. For those that can't be arsed to make jam, including me, there is a lady (and gent) who make some amazing ones. Kate Thornhill and husband Iain, of Perthshire Preserves, make a cornucopia of jams, curds, marmalades and chutneys. Both come from hospitality, and while working in a hotel, they thought the plastic tubs of poor quality pink (jam) and yellow (marmalade) offerings weren't good enough for the guests. Kate had been making jam since she was wee and Iain was a good chutney maker but neither had ever made marmalade, and decided that they could do better than the commercial stuff served. It proved popular and guests started to ask where they could buy it. Instead of running their own guesthouse, they found the jam business grew legs and ended up selling at farmers' markets instead.  

Although a savoury gal, Kate makes the sweet stuff including passionfruit curd that was going to be a limited addition, but due to customer demand, has been in production for five years. I'm addicted to their espresso ale marmalade, but for this recipe, a sharp, tart jam is required, so go for damson or blackcurrant. Can't find crowdie, use ricotta

Jam and Crowdie Flaky Puffs
Ready rolled puff pastry
Tart jam (Kate's damson or blackcurrant is wonderful for this)
Crowdie or ricotta
Beaten egg
Caster sugar

Cut the pastry into squares or stamp out circles. Depending on how large your squares or circles are, dollop on a teaspoon or two of cheese and top with the same amount of jam.Moisten the edges with water and, for the squares, fold corner to corner to form a triangle. Seal edges with the back prong of a fork. For circles place another disc of pastry on top of the filling and seal, then plop onto a greased baking sheet. Make a nick in the top of your puffs, brush with beaten egg and dust with sugar.

Throw into a pre-heated oven (200C/Fan 180C/Gas6) and bake for approx 15 minutes until golden brown. Cool on a wire rack before scoffing. 

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