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Anselmo Mendes 'Muros Antigos' Loureiro (thewinesociety.com £8.75)
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I’m writing this on the back of some of the warmest weather we’ve had all year (25th May, short sleeves in the garden at midnight) and a ‘freak’ hailstorm (3rd June, Meadows Festival). However, remembering the former, July’s wine of the month is written in hope.

Take a leap of imagination and put yourself in the first picture, a day where it’s warm in the shade and doesn’t threaten to require a jumper at any second. When you’re inclined to start the party in the throes of late afternoon because you can’t waste the day on anything practical. For this kind of gathering you need refreshment and something to offset the assortment of food that seems to appear at these impromptu moments. It’s in this Scottish utopia that we can bring in a holiday classic, albeit with a bit of a twist. Vinho Verde, star of many a summer jaunt, is perfect in this situation where one minute you’re chatting, the next you’re involved in a water fight with the neighbours. 

Enter, therefore, an excellent offering from the Wine Society -  Anselmo Mendes 'Muros Antigos' Loureiro (thewinesociety.com £8.75)
To decode that name to start with, Anselmo Mendes is the producer, Muro Antigos the name he gives this wine and Loureiro (low-rye-roo) the grape name, which is only seen in areas of Portugal and Northern Spain. Notable because Vinho Verde is often a blend of grapes most of which are local.

Long name aside, this is delicious and has all the classic characteristics of Vinho Verde, which is known for being light, mouth-puckeringly fresh and bone dry. This has a bit more oomph, so often Vinho Verde has a lot of green apple and spritzy lemon and this has an added ripeness and floral character with hints of orange blossom and ripe apricot. Which makes it infinitely more drinkable, it could take you from afternoon through to the evening without you tiring of it. Although it’s great on its own, you’d be surprised how well this can go with food, particularly if it’s of the sea. Barbecued fish, especially if it’s a bit oily like mackerel, is an obvious pairing, as is anything that’s been fried, the acidity of the wine acting like a squeeze of lemon. 
Roll on the sunshine…

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