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Bosman, Adama Red, Majestic.
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Bosman, Adama Red, Majestic, £11.99 down to £9.99 if you buy any 6 bottles

Not got a teleporter, there’s always wine…


I bemoan the fact that teleporters don’t exist every single day. If I had one I would hop off to visit a friend for a cuppa, send my mum a slice of cake when I’ve just made it or hit a favourite holiday destination for a quick break to top up on the sunshine, and still be home in time to finish work and get dinner on the table.  Despite my relentless quest for the inventor of the teleporter I’m yet to find them. 


However, there is a way to transport yourself elsewhere and momentarily re-experience the sights, smells, flavours and vibe of a place… through wine. Some wines taste of where they are from, so distinctly that it’s impossible not to get a fleeting sensory postcard when you open the bottle. This week’s wine of the week is one of them, a red wine from South Africa that almost took my breath away it was so evocative of being there.


I’m lucky enough to know South Africa well. The people, scenery, food, diversity, attitude and overall vibe are hard to beatI can’t urge you enough to visit if you can. Don’t miss out on wine country when you are there there’s a wealth of great value, top-notch wine to be discovered.


So back to the teleporter wine. This wine ticks a lot of boxes, it’s made by one of my favourite South African producers, Bosman. Not only do they make delicious wines but they have a fantastic social and environmental policy. They go the extra mile to look after their workers, even providing a crèche for their children, and they are Fair Trade certified. 

The Adama red is a blend of Shiraz and the lesser known grape Mourvedre making a full bodied, in your face, chocolatey red. It’s big (14.5%) and bolshy, not for the faint hearted, packed with plum, dark cherry and spicy flavours. South African reds often have a slightly rusty whiff, sounds odd but try it, and you’ll see. That’s the teleporter note, straight back to the foothills of Table Mountain for a brai and some old-fashioned banter. 


BosmanAdama Red, Majestic, £11.99 down to £9.99 if you buy any 6 bottles

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