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Castello de Tassarlo Gavi £14.50 Woodwinters ... Every day’s a school day
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For me, one of the really joyful things about wine is that it is actually impossible to know everything about wine. You can’t know every grape, producer, idiosyncrasy of this area vs that one and you definitely can’t have tasted every wine – despite trying (and I do!). Which means that despite how it appears, the playing field in wine is always flat, someone else always knows more.

Which means I happily walk into a wine shop and ask for recommendations. I’ve got a good chance of making a well-informed choice by looking at producer name, region, the tiny postcode on the bottom of the back label (yes, it does really give a clue if you know what to look for), but the staff in the shop or the restaurant are more likely to have tasted the wines recently, met those specific producers and be able to recommend something appropriate.

All this to say that this month’s wine of the month is courtesy of Rob at Woodwinters! I popped in to get some different wines for our pop up wine bar at Project Coffee and he recommended a couple of stars, including this Gavi. It was an instant hit!

Gavi is one of those wines that people have heard of, but don’t know much about. At the cheaper end it can be a non-descript, crisp, refreshing white. But take a step away from the generic stuff and suddenly you’ll be blown away by a delicate yet intense wine.  Gavi wines must come from the vineyard area surrounding the town of Gavi in the Piedmont area of Italy, and are made from the grape Cortese, another grape you’ll never hear of on its own!

This Castello de Tassarlo Gavi is a delicious, white that manages that delicate – intense balance beautifully. It’s quite summery on the nose with a peachy, blossom fragrance, to drink it’s got a richness that is balanced by a citrus snap and layers of that peach flavour. Great with lemon chicken or spiced chickpea salads in a patch of summer sun. The producers are bio-dynamic, and go to great lengths to protect the environment and soil to ensure they can keep making these wines for generations to come.
Castello de Tassarlo Gavi £14.50 Woodwinters
(N. Welch) 

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