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Fusion Gourmet
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Fusion Gourmet
14-18 Lady Lawson Street,
City of Edinburgh,
Tel: 0131 228 6463
Open: Mon - Sun, noon - 10pm

Jellyfish and Preserved Eggs? Don't Mind if I Do!

If the menus are in Chinese, with the local community tucking into bowls of steaming food, it's a good sign. Something you'll find at Fusion Gourmet. After a refurb, it's light and airy, staff are helpful and encouraging, while owner, Kelvin, has an easy grace. We were happy to let him decide our culinary fate! Fingers crossed for no pig ears, stir-fried fish head or pig knuckles! Our jasmine tea arrived with a bowl of prawn crackers; not the white polystyrene packing chip variety, but shrimpy with a notch of warmth. 

The tofu and preserved egg had me girding my loins. Tentatively dipping my spoon in, Kevin explained we needed to take a bit of everything to get the whole taste profile. Whoa! My mouth was flooded with recognisable flavours and textures - soft tofu with a spike of heat from the sauce, the egg ... well ... tasted of egg. 

Foil- wrapped sea bass hissed and spat like a wild cat. Not a huge fan of chillies, the fish was peppered with them. Shooing away as many of the fiery nuggets as possible, I plopped white flakes onto my rice along with a little of the special homemade sauce. Eyes closed, sliding laden chopsticks into my mouth, waiting for the burn. There was a momentary whack of heat but the sweetness of the fish shone through. Perfectly cooked, it was fab. 

Another revelation - jellyfish! Served cold with slivers of cucumber - soft yet firm, it had a slight crunch. We slurped this new sensation with glee, refreshing after the fish. 
Not for the faint hearted, we'd already commented it was great to see on the menu., but pig intestines wasn't for me. Well executed and presented, punchy sauce, soft potato, we didn't like the meat texture. Kelvin chuckled, explaining that it was one of his favourite dishes and that of his regulars. 

Lastly, thinly sliced stir-fried lamb chop; sweet, tender and reminiscent of crispy duck, scattered with peanuts, sesame seeds, and again a host of chillies. 

Dishes aren't overpowered by spicy heat; the food, to western tastes, is deliciously unusual. That's not to say you can't have spring rolls, lemon chicken or spare ribs, but occasionally  head into the culinary unknown.

As for the fusion, it's a culmination of tried and tested family recipes, ideas and the different regions of China. Grab some mates and take a culinary trip around some of the undiscovered foods of another culture without leaving Edinburgh.  

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