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Santa Marie del Cami Binissalem Mallorca 2015| M&S | £10.50
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Easter Tipples

After the winter comes spring, and the first official feast and long weekend of the year, boy, do we need it. It’s true the winter hasn’t been as hard as it could be, but we still need to welcome the spring in. Easter brings holidays away or at home, family gatherings and a moment to pause and wonder where the first quarter of the year has gone, and when your bones will finally feel warm again.

To that end, our wine of the month combines promises of sunshine destination and a wine that will top an Easter feast with class and style. 

Santa Marie del Cami Binissalem Mallorca 2015 (not easy to say!) | M&S | £10.50

Mallorca isn’t a go-to destination for wine but they have a burgeoning local wine scene and some of the wines pass the ‘bring it home from holiday and still like it’ test.  M&S have picked up on this and are bringing a small number of wines over to the UK. In fact, they have a mission to stock wine from every single country that make it, so it’s worth looking there if you ever fancy recreating your holiday at home.

This is a classy red, which is silky and smooth with a mouth-watering blackcurrant centre which evolves into blackberry, dark cherry and a hint of something more savoury.  It starts off quite light and fun and then moves to being a bit more robust and serious. This balance between silky and serious makes it a good ‘food wine’, and perfect for an Easter feast whether you go traditional lamb or opulent beef.

It’s also a great wine if you need to hush a wine snob. One of the grapes used is unique to Mallorca, the Manto Negro grape so it’s pretty impossible to guess it! The other grapes are more familiar, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah, the latter two add that serious food edge to the wine. It looks smart too, so grab a bottle and revel in the role of chief wine tour guide for the feast! (N. Welch) 

Visit www.winetubemap.co.uk for more recommendations and to find out about our next Wine Station pop up wine bars on the 8th and 29th April at Project Coffee in Bruntsfield and Century General Store Abbey Hill.

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