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Ooh Ah, Doo Dah Fondant
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If Chocolate be the Food of Love ...

I first came across Edward and Irwyn when they started out, freezing their wee tooches off at the little market behind the Merlin pub in Morningside. From that initial mouthful, I was hooked on their honey honeycomb and knew that these two were going to do incredible things. I became obsessed with the chocolate honeycomb. 
The girls behind these devilish delights are Edda and Kirsty, who make use of Scottish ingredients as well as ingredients from Edda's place of birth, Iceland. They hand temper the chocolate on marble in a tiny shop and kitchen in Morningside, where every Saturday, they open up the doors for a few hours so chocoholics can taste and buy their stunning offerings. Not only does this include the honeycomb but also a vegan version made with dandelion syrup, chocolate shards flavoured with Scots pine, juniper and peat smoked salt; another favourite is the jade-coloured jasmine green tea infused white chocolate shards as well as salted caramel frogs and chocolate flakes for real hot chocolate. The girls have refined their honeycomb titbits and are even more addictive than that very first morsel I popped into my mouth on that cold Saturday morning! Oh and I don't share, sorry ... not!

Ooh Ah, Doo Dah Fondant
5oz high cocoa chocolate (chopped), your choice 
11/2oz butter
3 eggs
21/2oz caster sugar
1 dsrtspn plain flour, sifted
4 chocolates of choice, I like E&I birch syrup caramels
4 ramekins greased and dusted with flour

Melt chocolate and butter together in a bowl over hot water.
Beat eggs and sugar together until really thick, fluffy and pale.
Add flour to egg mix and beat.
Fold in the chocolate and butter mix.
When smooth, half fill ramekins and pop in chocolate then fill 2/3s of the way up.
Bake in a pre-heated oven (200C/Fan 180C/Gas 6) for about 6-7 minutes; they should be very soft to the touch.
Gently turn out and serve immediately.

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