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Saladini Pilastri Falerio - £8.75 Oddbins
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There's plenty to be thinking about in November. The arrival of Christmas, the realisation that the year is going to end soon, so objectives set in January may need a bit of action, bad weather suddenly resulting in the need for a bit of DIY at home, to name but a few ...

So you don't want wine on your to-do list, you need wines that work just as well on a Wednesday with Bake Off as a Saturday to take to a friend's for dinner. That slip down nicely with both the in-laws and work colleagues and that you can drink on consecutive nights without getting fed-up with it. Even better if you can actually impress people with a bit of mystery and intrigue by pouring something that is most definitely not run-of-the-mill. 

Happily, our wine of the week does all of this and more, better still, it's way under £10.

A recent tasting of the Oddbins range confirmed that they are still great for interesting and delicious wines at a really good price, and this was one of the stars.

Saladini Pilastri Falerio |£8.75 | Oddbins
An Italian wine made with a blend of four grapes, three of which you would be forgiven for not having heard of; Trebbiano, Passerina and Pecorino. There's a dot of chardonnay in there but it's not there for flavour, more for a bit of texture.

The result is a bright, fresh white wine which you could do almost anything with. Need something to glug on the sofa with a bowl of crisps? Chill it down and you've got something akin to an amped-up Pinot Grigio. Let it warm up a little bit in the glass and this will handle baked fish, middle-eastern spices, white meat and grains.

It isn't in your face but has plenty of flavour, mostly peach, apricot and melon, served cold it is dry and bright, slightly warmed up it feels a bit fuller in your mouth - either way, it's delicious. And it's organic too so it almost feels healthy!

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WineTubeMap will also be hosting another pop-up wine bar at Project Coffee in November  - www.winetubemap.co.uk for details.

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