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Salad Ecosse
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I'm writing this month's 'What's in Season' in the garden because the sun is out and I don't want to waste what summer has to offer by being inside.

Hopefully, July will be warm, sunny and full of lazy days; let's face it we haven't had much joy over the past few years. 

This month is Ice Cream Month and on the 7th is Chocolate Day; I could've combined the two and was contemplating a sundae recipe, and even though there isn't a day that celebrates any type of vegetable, I wanted to pay tribute to the magnificent variety we have available during the summer. As a nod to one of this month's food days, the 18th is World Caviar Day, so my wee extravagance is using Great Oil and Olives' olive oil caviar. You only need a few of these pearls scattered over the salad, adding a touch of class and poshness. You may have gathered, my dear readers, that Salad Ecosse is my take on the Nicoise and instead of tuna (fresh not the tinned stuff), I implore you to use our wonderful resource of salmon or trout (hot smoked or fresh) or fresh sea trout. It's local, it's seasonal and it's supporting our local economies!

Salad Ecosse
Garlic clove
1 pretty bowl
Salad leaves of choice
Cooked and sliced new potatoes
Cooked green beans
Roughly chopped, deseeded tomatoes 
Olives of choice, sliced or whole
Anchovies of choice
Lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper or dressing of choice
Cooked, flaked salmon, trout or sea trout (fresh or smoked)
1 boiled egg per person, oft or otherwise
Homemade croutons

 Olive oil caviar from Great Oil and Olives, optional

Cut the garlic in half and wipe round the inside of your bowl.

Scatter in salad leaves, new potatoes, beans, olives, anchovies and toss gently.

Add tomatoes and season with dressing or oil, lemon etc.

Sprinkle over flaked fish.

Cut eggs into quarters and arrange round the edge of the bowl.

Throw in the croutons and if using, dot the olive oil caviar over everything.

Serve with a large glass of chilled rosé wine and crusty bread.

What else is in my basket?
Crab, mackerel, sardines, sea trout, wild trout, clams, pike, lamb, fennel, runner and French beans, courgettes, artichokes, chicory, rocket, garlic, aubergines, nasturtiums,  raspberries, peaches, apricots, lavender, nasturtiums, strawberries, greengages, cherries, blackcurrants.

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