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Ciao Italia
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Ciao Italia
13 Nethertown Broad Street,
KY12 7DS
01383 726 669
Mon to Tue: 5-10pm - Wed to Thu: 12-2 and 5-10pm

It was a scorcher in the former Royal burgh of Dunfermline. On a Sunday evening the sun was still splitting the skies so a cycle and an Italian meal seemed like a great way to top our weekend.

The restaurant is very smart and modern with a family feel.  

Italian cooking is all about simplicity and allowing the ingredients to 'speak for themselves' and Ciao Italia mostly achieves this. 

Focaccia (£4.35) was the best I have had. Crispy and loaded with rosemary, olive oil and crunchy sea salt; just this along with my glass of Gavi made me very happy. 

Starters comprised a well presented rustic board of smoked salmon and prawns (£8.90) with an excellent fresh, raw,  colourful  salad and delicate toast for me whilst Mr Bite had a superb 'Funghi Portobello' stuffed with Italian fennel sausage grilled with gorgonzola (£5.75). Absolutely delicious. 

Main course for me was monkfish wrapped in Parma (£15.50) ham served on saffron mashed potato with baby tossed spinach. The monkfish was very slightly overcooked but otherwise good. Potatoes and saffron were presented as a sauce which didn't work at all. If the monkfish has been served on a few slices of tattie with butter and saffron i.e. very simply this would have been a top notch dish. As it was the fish and ham were tasty and satisfying as was the side plate of veg. The menu description of 'vegetable medley' had had us worried unnecessarily -  the fresh, oven- roasted seasonal veg were cooked to retain flavour and rightly drenched in good quality olive oil.

Mr Bite had a big bowl of sautéed clams and mussels in a broth of Marsala wine, n'duja sausage and fresh herbs (£15.50). The dish showed Ciao Italia sticking to its roots. Good simple food, top ingredients. 

Desserts hit the spot with panna cotta for me (£4.50) and chocolate fondant for him (£4.95) both perfectly cooked with the latter oozing sauce as it should. Adornments like extra strawberries, squirty cream and chocolate cigars were just not needed. 

I can see myself returning to Ciao Italia for sure. More confidence in keeping it simple and letting the ingredient do the talking is when the food is at its best and more consistency regarding this is needed.  When they stray my suspicion is that they are catering for what they think the public expects. Sometimes you have to take the lead. (S. Wilson) 

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