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Rum - Dark Matter
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A physicist's dream

Regular readers will know I have a penchant for rum and have, on occasion, been heard to mutter the immortal words of the noted bon vivant Captain Jack Sparrow: "But where has all the rum gone?"

At long last I have an answer to that question.

It seems that it's been there all along - I just haven't been able to see it (or drink it)! In fact, according to the latest theories, it makes up approximately 27% of matter in the known universe. Now that's a lot of rum.

I am of course, taking some liberties with scientific theories but when you call your spiced rum Dark Matter it does raise my expectations. And, I'm glad to say, it exceeds those expectations. This is a wonderful spiced rum. As with any theory you have to start with the observable facts.
Fact 1: it's created in Banchory, Scotland: a country noted for its distilling prowess.
Fact 2: there is a bountiful supply of clean, clear water in Scotland to base any drink upon.
Fact 3: Scots are notorious for their sweet tooth and anything made from sugar (or molasses) will go down well.
Fact 4: Scotland has created innumerable scientific heroes over the centuries and the empirical method has long been established here (see David Hume et al).
Taking all these together it's easy to see how a good rum, or in this case a good spiced rum, can be created in Scotland. In fact the only strange thing is that it hasn't happened sooner. As to the drink itself, this is a wonderful rum for drinking straight up. No ice, no lime and, most certainly, no cola works best for me. Poured in the glass - best served in an old fashioned glass - the rum
is mahogany in colour. The nose is like an old fashioned cola interlaced with notes of pepper and ginger. And then when you taste it: rich, smooth, a base of treacle combined with fresh ginger, green peppercorns, a touch of all spice and, best of all, a hint of chilli. The flavour lingers long in your mouth and you're left with that slight zinginess you get from spiced food. This is a slow drinking rum that is worth spending a long time over. Given the delight that is Dark Matter, I sincerely hope the Banchory brothers Jim and John Ewen go on and produce an aged rum.
Might I suggest Dark Energy? (M Earl)

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