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Ciello Catarratto, Sicily, Various stockists and restaurants, £8.20 online Art du Vin - May's suggested Wine
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But most of all it has to be good... This is the refreshing view of most people I've spoken to over the last few months about the trendy new style of 'natural wines' that has sprung up, mostly in hipster hang outs in London, New York, Copenhagen and very gradually in Edinburgh. It is a term that groups together wines that are made without using a lot of technology or chemical intervention. It goes beyond organic and biodynamic wines into a slightly wilder realm.

They can be a bit out there, particularly the whites, where, instead of crystal clear, glinting gold and green hues you get a cloudy, rust coloured concoction. Like all of these things, there are good and bad, conservative styles and way out extremes. Compared to the pristine world of modern winemaking there's something appealing about wines that are made in a more natural way. If you choose to eat meat from an organic farm, 'real' bread and food that isn't over-manufactured why wouldn't you do the same for wine?

However, most of all, it has to be good...

 Ciello Catarratto, Sicily - This Catarratto from Sicily is an example of a wine that is made with some excellent credentials; it's sustainably farmed and unfiltered to keep more of the flavour (even though that means it's a bit cloudy!). But most importantly, it's delicious.

Served chilled (and shaken) this is the perfect wine for lunches in the garden, picnics on the grass, nights in and kitchen dinners - it's one of those versatile wines that you instinctively reach for whatever the occasion.

It's not just a chugger either, it's deliciously fruity, unusual hints of mandarin, grapefruit, pineapple and almonds, with a herby, dry, crisp edge, making it refreshing rather than just juice.

Ciello is a stepping stone into the world of natural wines and to this end has cropped up in a number of Edinburgh restaurants and wine shops. It's a good price for something made with such care and a great wine to order to go with a variety of dishes.

Various stockists and restaurants online and around Edinburgh - £8.20 online Art du Vin www.aduv.co.uk

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