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Stonehaven Sauvignon
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A wine for daylight  

After months of doing just about everything in the dark, the morning and evening have now unfurled into light-filled expanses of time which carry far more potential than the Netflix, sofa-bound dark nights of winter. This is a GOOD thing, particularly now our faces and the weather have softened to a much friendlier character.

It also means that there's a chance you will be pouring yourself a glass of wine in daylight, novel unless you do a lot of daytime drinking, which seems to signal a change in wine mood from the cosy and full wines of winter to something livelier and fresher.

Cue a great value, easy drinking, spring-like Sauvignon. Whilst I'd be the first to tell the loyal fan of the tropical flavours of Marlborough that there is a world outside of Sauvignon to be explored, I'm certainly not condemning Sauvignon to the pile. There is a time for this cool, crisp, refreshing white. However, I would urge you to travel for Sauvignon; outside of New Zealand's in your face tropical flavours, there are some alternatives. Classic French wines like Sancerre tends to be subtle and dryer with a distinctive lemon twist whilst South Africa and Chile give you a middle ground, not as in your face as Marlborough and not as dry as France.

Both Chile and South Africa also tend to be great value, and by that I don't necessarily mean cheap! NZSB and French Sauvignon (particularly Sancerre) both have a cache that means they can charge more for their wine. Good for them, but not great for a catch up with your friends on a Thursday night.

Stonehaven Sauvignon is a perfect example of this. A South African Sauvignon Blanc from Cape Point Vineyards, a unique peninsula flanked by the Atlantic and False Bay, which balances hints of tropical mango with a deliciously refreshing grapefruit edge. That dryness leaves you wanting more and means it's a great 'keep-a-bottle-in-your-fridge' wine.

It's a much better wine than most of its Marlborough counterparts at the same price, which is £8.99 incidentally, occasionally promoted, from the Co-op, so you can grab it on your way somewhere safe in the knowledge that it's going to make everyone smile. (N. Welch)

 For more wine recommendations visit winetubemap.co.uk.

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