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ZukrBoutique - Confectionary handmade in Scotland
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It's a teacake Jim, but not as we know it.  

Nobody likes a Tunnocks more than me and fellow Bite contributor Rachel Edwards (Off the Trolley) agrees. In fact Rachel is such a fan she has made a pilgrimage to the factory (see www.bite-magazine.com/Tunnocks) 

However when I was presented with a box of teacakes by David Simak of Zukr Boutique I was amazed by what heights this teatime treat can reach. 

Ex pastry chef at Harvey Nichols David is now producing high end confectionary at his Roslin premises and attracting worldwide attention; Selfridges are a flagship customer. 

First attracted by the stunning pictures of gourmet marshmallows (described as 'edible clouds of joy') chocolates and pates de fruit on the website I promptly arranged a meeting to learn more. 
David told me of the years of experience, training and travelling that have resulted in ZukrBoutique. The ability to match flavours and textures, to be inspired by the seasons and nature and to create this food 'art' is a highly skilled craft.  There are very few people that can do this and it appears we have one of the best here in Edinburgh. 

The teacakes David presented were jaw droppingly good.  Crack open the perfect sphere of thick dark chocolate, swirl your tongue around lush mallow, bite into real shortbread and luxuriate in the sweet and salty caramel filling. That's the salted caramel teacake. 
Get them at  www.zukrboutique.com  or at the shop at 3 Salisbury Place Edinburgh. 

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