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Here's to the Spirit of Christmas and May It Be Rum! (More recipes for December here)

Well here we are, the festive season is upon us once again. And now that November has departed, I can at least start to feel less bah humbug!
The past year has been filled with great grub, new restaurants and cafes, new products and chock full of various food related festivals. The weather may not have been kind to us, but at least we have had our fill of all things edible and quaffable. December will no doubt be just as gluttonous as previous years with, hopefully, less waste. Turkey carcasses boiled up for stock. Left over roast spuds and sprouts turned into bubble and squeak. Christmas pud and broken mince pies whipped into ice cream. These things are not new to me; this was the norm when I was a kid. There are many things that remind me of my childhood; counting the Christmas trees on car journeys, the scent of pine and spices, the waft of roast turkey as dad opened the oven to baste the bird.
Somethings I will gladly forget but are so retro that I can't - Bols advocat would appear in the shops for about six weeks and the inevitable snowballs with maraschino cherries would be classed as the height of sophistication. Oh and Babycham!
As a nod to my teenage years, I give you eggnog! Rich, creamy and booze laden and nothing like the dreadful custard yellow drink of my youth! Bottoms up!
Eggnog 4 eggs (free-range and/or organic),  2oz caster sugar 4floz rum (or booze of choice, I like Kraken rum), 1½ pints cold full cream milk,   2floz double cream, Nutmeg
Beat the egg with sugar until the sugar has dissolved.
Add the booze and gradually whisk in the milk and cream.
Strain into a pretty jug and chill.
Pour into glasses and add a rasp or two of nutmeg.
Under no circumstances top with lemonade of any description!
 What else is in my basket this month
Turkey, goose, pheasant, rabbit, oysters, clams, sea bass, langoustines, razor clams, sprats, Brussels sprouts, salsify, kale, parsnips, winter squash, beetroot, celeriac, satsumas, clementines,  pomegranates, chestnuts, dates, figs, cranberries, Stollen, Bûche de Noël, panettone, mincemeat, paneforte, gingerbread, dates, fig, walnuts, Cumberland sauce, rum butter.
Year of Food and Drink, Scotland 2015 - Grande Finale

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