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November Wines
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Apparently over a third of food columns published in the British press are linked to the season, which is very telling. I'm surprised it isn't more. Despite the fact that you can buy strawberries all year round, we know that they are better when they are grown and ripened locally, with more flavour and pizazz than those that have travelled half way around the world. 

I know I'm guilty of linking wine recommendations to the seasons, but with wine there is no real 'coming into season'. Instead it is more a sense of appropriateness. In the same way crunchy lettuce salads don't feel the same whilst wearing our woollies neither does the crisp and fresh Vinho Verde we supped throughout the summer.

November is a perfect month to demonstrate this. Darker nights, shorter days, and a real bite in the air all mean you need some cosy in your wine.  My wine of the month is a regular in my rack and has more than a hint of the Goldilocks about it; a mellow, smooth, Spanish white with an attractive creaminess for a sense of comfort but just enough fresh, fruity zing for balance. 

For the oak haters amongst you this wine does have contact with oak but not in the way that most people expect. The label says barrel-fermented (helpfully), which is different from oak aged. Barrel-fermented tends to mean the wine gets a smooth, mellow quality from the oak but not the big whack of flavours you get from wines that sit in barrel for months.  So it's worth a try even if you don't normally enjoy big, oaky wines.

This would be a fantastic choice with a roast chicken and all the trimmings - after the obligatory walk in the crunchy leaves, or you can amplify the mellowness with simple dishes involving smoked fish or wild mushrooms. 
Cune Barrel Fermented White Rioja, Waitrose, £10.49
Top tip - I wait until Waitrose run a 25% off all wine and top up my wine rack feeling very smug
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