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Clouds & Soil; Cocktails and Calvados
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Clouds & Soil are embracing National Calvados Week with a creative menu of drinks, largely based on classic cocktails with a contemporary twist, such as the 'Delicious Sour'.

The Delicious Sour is a forgotten classic first created in the 19th century by 'The Only William' Schmidt, author of 'The Flowing Bowl' published in 1891. Schmidt has often been referred to as the Godfather of Modern Mixology and was discovered by a New York reporter whilst keeping bar at a hole-in-the-wall next to the Brooklyn Bridge. For the next 16 years he was regarded as the leading bartender in America, with his drinks seen as original, creative, well thought out and elaborate. Ahead of his time this creativity was his genius.

In this vein Chris Flint at Clouds & Soil has endeavoured to reflect a similar degree of creativity through the use of unusual ingredients to bring his drinks into the 21st century...

Apple from the tree [E] £6.25

Père Magloire VSOP shaken with fresh sage, Nardini rabarbaro, lemon & a touch of Talisker whisky

PommePomme £8.50

Père Magloire - Pommeau with chocolate bitters & apple cider vinegar. Topped with Canard Duchene champagne

SazeraXO £9.00

Père Magloire XO with peychauds & old fashioned bitters & a touch of gomme syrup. Finished with a touch of Absinthe.

There is a special Calvados dinner on 2nd October at 7pm. Please go to the www.bite-magazine.com for menu. 3 Course £25.

The Delicious Sour

20ml Père Magloire Calvados

20ml Rinquinquin (peach vermouth)

20ml lemon juice

5ml sugar syrup

5ml egg white

 Shake all the ingredients together vigorously and serve straight up in a coupette.

There is a special Calvados dinner on 2nd October at 7pm. Please go to the www.bite-magazine.comfor menu. 3 Course £25.

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