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Pere Magloire
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National Calvados Week - 18-24 October - #CreateWithCalvados

For some, Normandy's lush green pastures reach their ultimate expression in the region's famed cheeses and rich dairy butter but for us it has always been about the Calvados; apple brandy that is  soft, fresh and pure.

Père Magloire is the leading brand in France and worldwide - Look for VSOP, XO and 12 year old to experience the finest.  

The drink's name refers to the dramatic Norman coastline - "Calva-Dorsa" indicating two mighty cliff buttresses stretching between Arromanches and Anneles. 

In the 1800's, local innkeeper Gervais Magloire began to age his own calvados. The high quality of his "eaude- vie" became famous and soon got called "Le Calvados du Père Magloire". 
To this day, apple trees are the pride of Normandy's gardens and fields - there are over 200 named varieties of apple grown in Normandy and Père Magloire have selected 60 of them to go into their VSOP Calvados. 

Still made in the time-honoured fashion with no additives, no yeast, and no fertilisers, fruit is simply crushed and pressed to form the must. Fermentation takes 6-8 weeks at the end of which the cider is a5 to 6% ABV. The young alcohol is then matured and aged in oak barrels with wood sourced only from Fôret de Tronçais.

Like cognac, Calvados is available in a number of different quality levels, depending on age: such as Fine (the equivalent of three star or VS cognac), VSOP, and XO. 
V.S.O.P is a superb example of rich, golden, mature Calvados. On the nose there is unmistakable, heavy scented apple blossom aroma whilst on the palate think deliciously crisp flavours. Try it with mature cheese and you'll be in heaven. 

Alternatively serve it as a refreshing Applejack - Calvados Père Magloire with cloudy apple juice for late summer drinks in the garden, as you watch the leaves turn. 
National Calvados Week (www.nationalcalvadosweek.com) was created by Calvados Père Magloire, to coincide with the annual apple harvest, from 18th to 24th October. 

This year Chef's in Edinburgh are embracing the week so expecting a wide array of Calvados desserts and drinks to titillate the palate.

-Heads & Tales: Calvados cocktail served with a sweet treat on the side. 
-Clouds & Soil: special menu for NCW and a gastronomic evening on Thursday22nd October, with each dish partnered by a Calvados cocktail.
-The Voodoo Rooms: Calvados cocktails all week and a Calvados- inspired dessert on the menu.
-99 Hanover Street: Launch of NCW week on Sunday 18th October with a Calvados menu at Syndicate and cocktail specials all week.
-Panda & Sons: Calvados cocktail all week
-Lucky Liquor Co: Delicious Calvados creation throughout Calvados Week
-Iris:  A selection of Calvados dishes on their menu 
-La Garrigue: Calvados menu all week.
-56 North: Calvados & Tonic as a perfect serve (for Gin converts), as well as a special Calvados cocktail and Calvados-inspired dishes on their menu all week.
-La Petit Mort: Porthole Calvados cocktail and Calvados dinner partnered with cocktails on Wednesday 21st October .
-Blue Blazer:  Calvados serves all week.
-Kilderkin: Calvados cocktail special and hosting a tasting event on Sunday 18th October, as The Edinburgh Rum Club are introduced to something new
-Juniper: Calvados cocktails and a Calvados dessert 
-Paradise Palms: Calvados menu 

Calvados Père Magloire Serves...
Calvados & Tonic -Père MagloireVSOP Calvados topped with Fevertree Tonic Water served over ice
Applejack -  Père MagloireCalvados and Cloudy Apple Juice garnished with a slice of apple
Delicious Sour -Père Magloire12yo Calvados with freshly squeezed lemon juice and dash of Rinquinquin Peach aperitif shaken with egg white

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