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It's not rocket science

If I had a pound for everyone that had raved to me about this pizzeria ... well it was getting silly. I would just have to go and visit and at last I had the perfect excuse. A luxurious leisurely lunch with my friend was long overdue. 

We both applauded the décor which is tasteful and simple like the food. Not a whiff of hipster or filament bulb, rather this pizzeria/cafe embraces subtle sage and olive tones, stone walls, polished copper. It is welcoming and won't date. 

On the far wall black print on white paper scrolls detail antipasti options whilst simple menus on the table list pizzas, salads, lasagne and not much more. This means  the restaurant can be responsive to  ingredients, seasons, trends etc.  

I definitely want pizza, ask Greig the owner for recommendations and for once act on them. I choose his second favourite pizza, the Zucchini Piccante (£10.45, 11 inch) tomato, mozzarella, courgette, nduja, ricotta, garlic, basil. Pizzas are cooked in a wood-fired oven and are colourful with fresh abundant toppings. The secret here is the prepping of those fresh ingredients on a daily basis. Thus the courgette has flavour and bite, dollops of ricotta are creamy and splodges of nduja, a Calabrian pork and chilli paste liven things up. Fresh basil leaves are always wonderful to smell and to eat. Greig's favourite pizza is the Vesuvio and I think you can guess what that entails. Diameters are 11, 14 and 16 inches. 

Liz B goes for beef lasagne and comments that it has a rich flavour and those requisite sticky, overdone edges that we all love. When it comes to the wine list you want something inoffensive and gluggable to accompany pizza and that is what is on offer. Bottles range in price from £16-£25. 

For dessert I polish off an orange and ricotta cake drenched in syrup with a quenelle of marscapone on the side.  A very good cake rather that an obligatory sweet. Liz B has the banoffe pie, nice crispy base, pungent ripe bananas (both £4.45). 

I can see why Origano is so popular. Pricing is extremely keen, the food is super fresh, the atmosphere relaxed. 

A great pizzeria that I would have no hesitation in recommending for many an occasion. (S. Wilson) 

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