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Uplands Roast Coffee - from Vietnam to the Meadows

By Eleonora Vanello

In this lockdown period, I have been craving freshly roasted coffee, particularly an oat milk cappuccino. As we all know, take away coffee isn’t easy to find nowadays.

To my surprise, I have found a pop-up café in the Meadows, Uplands Roast Coffee, that I highly recommend you to visit. This is a container-like unit fully decorated with world maps, vinyl, a DJ deck, and professional speakers over and above the ordinary coffee shops tools. Coffees, soft/hot drinks, pastries, rolls, and hand sanitizer is all available at the counter.

Stu, the co-founder, mixes his tunes while serving coffees and the music echos in the garden, attracting pedestrians. People queue here respecting social distancing and the slow pace of the one-man bar.

The atmosphere isn’t the only appealing thing of this cafe; the coffee is a premium quality sustainable one sourced in Vietnam. Stu and the team visited Vietnam and started a business relationship with Son Pacamara Coffee Farm from where they import coffee directly. The quality is Arabica, and there is no use of artificial or chemical fertilizers, the coffee is then roasted and brewed here in Edinburgh. They also sell coffee bags and gift cards throughout their website. This is a hidden gem that guards flavours, traditions, and stories from the far east. Time to include the Meadows on your daily walk route.

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