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The entrance of this corner café is framed with colourful blooms announcing its presence in the neighbourhood of Polwarth, a short walk from Tollcross, Bruntsfield or Fountainbridge.

Staff are patient with us as we swither over the best table and then settle in a corner with large-print menus (thank you). Service is friendly and exemplary from the start.

Two watermelon smoothies are not too thick, gloopy or sweet – mixed with apple juice, strawberries and mint; they are seasonal and refreshing on a hot sunny day.

Sweet Potato and Courgette Fritters

We order sweet potato and courgette fritters twice - one with poached eggs one without (the vegan option). Liz’s eggs are timed to the second, so that golden yolk spills out. My fritters are garnished with abundant avocado and there is a side of satay dipping sauce.

We have been tempted by the chicken noodle salad too also, with satay and plenty of fresh coriander and chilli mixed through. We request a doggy bag (Piece-Box) from the get-go and I enjoy the noodles later for supper.

Piecebox is a cheerful café with pink, yellow and red glass chandeliers, pretty patterned table coverings and saltire bunting on the day Scotland played Croatia.

Traybakes and cakes guarantee a return visit. The café is also pooch-friendly and has lots of vegan and gluten-free options if that’s your thing.

My ‘thing’ is fresh tasty food in comfy surroundings, somewhere pleasant to meet a mate and enjoy some chat. Piece Box fits the bill.

Watermelon Smoothie

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