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Exclusive 241 offer for Bite readers *Fizz Friday* September 2nd

Taste 10 proseccos

Book now to avoid disappointment

Only 10 pairs of tickets available from Wine Events Scotland

The event

At this not-to-be-missed event, the charismatic Brand Ambassador for Prosecco DOC aka The Wine Tipster Neil Phillips, will take people on a journey touching on the history, the making, the best producers and the latest developments in the effervescent world of Prosecco.

10 Proseccos to taste plus food

To present the food element Andy Murray from The Drinks Bakery shows how Prosecco DOC complements savoury food, especially these artisan Drinks Biscuits. Going head to head with Andy to present the sweet case, will be Graeme Clark from Ochil Fudge Pantry who will delight with various styles of mouth-wateringly delicious fudge.

Where and when

The glittering Main Hall at The Edinburgh Academy on Henderson Row, 6.30-8pm.

How to book and get your discount

  • Register for 2 single tickets (£25 standard price)

  • Enter code FIZZFRIDAY#BITE

  • You will receive a £30 discount.

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