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Decanter - winery and dinery in Bruntsfield

Updated: May 28, 2020

By The Go-Between

Who said Edinburghers were cold and unfriendly? Not in the lovely Decanter Bruntsfield wine bar - so new that the carpenters were still winding up when we arrived on their much-anticipated first night. We were welcomed with open arms (literally - who doesn't need a bear-hug at 6pm on a Thursday?) into this cool but exceptionally cosy neighbourhood hangout. So glad to find my new local office J is well up

to the mark, and - oh, joy - actually comfortable, with uniquely designed furnishings.

While Jonathan gave us a rundown of Decanter's community-based plans over a decent house Prosecco, Billy was cooking up a storm of tasty eats. The menu is varied & very interesting - definitely not your average bill of fare, with some less predictable delights such as pheasant bites fragrant with orange zest, & a cracking quality signature sharing platter. Though there's plenty to satisfy vegans/vegetarians, the single 'weird oddity' sampler dish, which will change regularly - and one that actually suited my friend Fiona, who's lived in Hong Kong so is familiar with this 'delicacy' - was crispy chicken feet.

Blissfully, all wines are available by the glass, so our gang of five did our best to sample the individually chosen initial wine list, with lots to enjoy and also plenty of intriguing surprises including oddities such as a white Malbec. The longer-term plan is that customers will engage in helping to select forthcoming lists.

Before Spring has sprung, a downstairs restaurant/private dining area will have been completed to add space, and it looks like they'll need it. The cocktail list was fascinating for mixology fans like me, but they weren't yet serving on this initial visit, due to the back bar still being assembled & the likelihood of a tray of cocktails being upended by departing tradesmen. However, I will be returning soon as there appeared to be more than enough house recipes due to be shaken up by bartender Stephen to keep the interest going over the first few months.

Currently open from 5 every day, the new Decanter 'Winery & Dinery' plans to open all day once their additional downstairs restaurant & private dining spaces are complete in March.


183 Bruntsfield Place EH10 4DG

0131 466 5359

5pm-11pm 7 days

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