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Burns Night with Berry Bros. & Rudd whiskies

Berry Bros. & Rudd, the twice royal warranted spirits merchants, are recommending their Classic range to celebrate Burns Night. They send Bite a bottle of Speyside and this got us thinking (potentially expensive!) about how to pair whiskies with a traditional Burns Night menu. We took their Classic range suggestions as a jumping off point but you could do your own thing. It is an exercise in creativity and tasting to pair the whisky to the food for your very own ‘at home’ celebration. Just add candles, poetry and a sense of fun.

Speyside and Cock A Leekie Soup

Blended Malt Scotch Whisky (ABV 44.2%)

Many of Scotland’s most famous malts hail from Speyside, known for their approachable, fruity style and floral complexity. Berry Bros. & Rudd’s Classic Speyside Malt captures the very essence of the region, balancing subtle, honeyed fruit aromas with easy-going yet complex aromas.

Tasting notes

The Speyside Cask delivers the essence of the region. The fruitiness is a gentle start to the evening and when mingled with this expression’s fresh grassiness and honey sweetness easily complement the shredded chicken and leek in your soup.

Speyside is available to purchase via Berry Bros. and Rudd, Amazon, Master of malt, Whisky Exchange RRP £40, 70cl.

Sherry Cask and Haggis, Neeps and Tatties

Blended Malt Scotch Whisky (ABV 44.2%)

Sherry casks are considered a luxury in whisky making. These expensive barrels imbue a spirit with distinctive notes of deep fruit, citrus and nuts. Berry Bros. & Rudd’s Classic Sherry Cask Malt is blended from the best Sherry butts to deliver a balanced expression of this uniquely engaging style.

Tasting notes

Enticingly dark in appearance, the Sherry Cask is invitingly seductive, and the bouquet has classic dark Sherry and prune-like notes which will riff off of a spicy haggis. Both the meat and the whisky being dark and mysterious.

Available to purchase via Berry Bros. and Rudd, Master of malt, Whisky Exchange, Amazon at RRP £40, 70cl.

Islay and Cranachan

Blended Malt Scotch Whisky (ABV 44.2%)

The Hebridean island of Islay is renowned for the distinctive peaty style and smoky flavours of its whiskies. Berry Bros. & Rudd’s Classic Islay Malt is a carefully selected blend of casks from some of the island’s iconic distilleries, creating a balanced, complex and distinguished and smoky dram.

Tasting notes

The Islay Cask encapsulates the powerful Islay style with tarry, peaty and oceanic notes bound in a blanket of honey and yellow fruits. The fruitiness works excellently to diffuse the peaty and smoky influencers carrying them on a creamy textured wave meaning it can easily be paired with the raspberries, cream and oats that comprise Cranachan.

Islay is available to purchase via Berry Bros. and Rudd, Master of malt, Whisky Exchange, Amazon RRP £40, 70cl.

Peated Cask, Cheese and Oatcakes

Blended Malt Scotch Whisky (ABV 44.2%)

Historically, almost all Scotch bore a distinctive smoky note, as peat was the most readily available fuel; today, however, it is much less common. Berry Bros. & Rudd’s Classic Peated Cask is a tribute to the traditional, peated dram – with expressive bursts of soot and smoke complemented by the spirit’s fruitiness.

Tasting notes

The Peated Cask evokes the “old fashioned” Highland style providing well balanced peat aromas married to soft yellow fruits to deliver a rich complexity. We would pair it with a selection of oatcakes (inc. charcoal) and strong cheeses with robust flavours to stand up to the smoke and peat plus some quince to complement the fruity notes.

The Peated Cask is available to purchase via Berry Bros. and Rudd, Amazon, Master of malt, Whisky Exchange at RRP £40, 70cl.

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