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Albariño Wine Tasting - October 5 - by Edinburgh Spanish Film Festival

The Edinburgh Spanish Film Festival is an annual event in Edinburgh that is held in October every year. There is also always a special gastronomic event which always involves Spanish Wine and Food and it is sociable, fun, and educational.

This year there will be a wine tasting with Bodega Martín Códax exploring the Albariño grape, wines that stand out for their exceptional quality and unique characteristics.

Traditionally, Albariño was drunk for celebratory purposes in the region. It has an acidic backbone and aromatic, mineral, and saline qualities.

Visitors will taste six wines such as Martín Códax, Martín Códax Espumoso, as well as some special editions including Martín Códax Lías, Martín Códax Vindel, Martín Códax Gallaecia, and Organistrum.

Tickets cost £35 per person and are available from Eventbrite. However, Bite has a very limited number (8) of tickets on special offer for our readers at a price of £30.

The French Institute 19.30 5 October.


Established in 2014, and now a regular fixture in Edinburgh's cultural calendar, Edinburgh Spanish Film Festival (ESFF) showcases the best of Spanish and Latin American cinema.

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