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83 and 99 Hanover Street become SUPERICO

By Sharon Wilson

Superico Bar & Lounge opens Saturday August 1 at 6pm. It is the latest venture from Juan José Castillo Castro owner of 83 & 99 Hanover Street. Now the two venues have been reimagined under one brand and the result is SUPERICO BAR & LOUNGE and SUPERICO RESTAURANT.

The drinks list for the bar has been developed by general manager Michael Lynch and his team Johanna Cole and Claudio Poggi.

A highlight is promised from the Padron Martini, served straight from the freezer to give it a rich, velvety texture . The Green Apple Collins is a twist on a classic with added depth from a house green apple cordial and a kummel caraway liqueur from Mothership Scotland. The clarified Five Star Milk Punch, is made in one batch by filtering coconut yoghurt through a coffee filter with Star of Bombay gin, Martini Rubino, Amaro Montenegro, raspberry, milk and lime leaving the drink a clear pinky-red colour with a rich, creamy texture.

The food menu is 'under construction' but expect a selection of sharing-style plates of big, bold flavours - similar to those from SUPERICO RESTAURANT – with a focus on the best Scottish produce enhanced using South American flavours.

There is a long-term plan to expand the Superico brand to more sites.

Juan commented: “We were due to open SUPERICO BAR & LOUNGE in late March, but obviously plans changed due to Covid-19. As a result we’ve had more time to develop our offering and capture the positive energy of our South American heritage."

SUPERICO BAR & LOUNGE boasts one of the best sound and visual experiences in the UK. A live events schedule will launch when Government guidelines allow.

The interior is the work of Jaco Justice of Edinburgh-based Studio Ja!Coco!. It references South America with a palette of earthy yet contemporary pinks and ochres.

A 2-metre-diametre Japanese paper supermoon by Italian product-design veteran Davide Groppi glows from the centre of the room.

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