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The Farmhouse/House of Biscuits Story
The Farmhouse/House of Biscuits Story


Dorothy and Phillip McIvor were two young farmers who married and were hit by the harsh winter of 1962. They had to start baking in their Farmhouse kitchen and selling on Blackburn Market to make enough money to survive. Farmhouse Biscuits was born. 

The business has grown hugely since then. It's still a family business, and they are now the UK's leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of high-class home-style biscuits. They sell to a worldwide market and supply the Royal Collection, No10, Harrods and Fortnum & Mason. Posh.

www.houseofbiscuits.co.uk has been set up during lockdown to a whole new audience. Biscuits are a quintessentially British comfort food (we consume more than any other country), especially in a time of adversity, and of course with a cuppa. 
The company has also launched Biscuits For Heroes, where people can send biscuits directly to a Key Worker, and profits go to COVID fighting organisations that they choose to - follow the link here

Choose from gluten-free honey and oat, salted caramel choc chip, sugar-free choc chip, cranberry & pumpkins seed savour and oat flip. 

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