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eteaket and Social Bite create some Positivitea
eteaket and Social Bite create some Positivitea


Eteaket, founded by leaf tea expert Erica Moore, has teamed up with Social Bite to provide a tea blend that focuses on diversity and inclusion.

The unique taste qualities of black, green and white tea are combined with energising Dragonfruit pieces, pink pepper, tangy raspberry, blackberry and relaxing chamomile flowers.

Created for everyone, Positivitea is an unmistakable warming blend with a powerful bite and zest for life.

The aim of the collaboration was to produce a unique tea at the forefront of eteaket’s ethos – to innovate and ignite the tea industry.  - eteaket: "With a focus on innovation we are always looking to develop new interesting tea blends and to collaborate with like minded businesses like Social Bite. When the opportunity came along to work with Social Bite on a blend we wanted something that would represent connection, diversity and inclusion. Positvitea is a combination of four different teas which have been blended together to create something that not only tastes great but is also going to make a positive difference.”

eteaket: "We are delighted to have the opportunity to collaborate with Social Bite to produce this intriguing tea blend. Social Bite is on a mission to build a collaborative movement to end homelessness in Scotland and we are proud to help them with their efforts. 20% of retail sales from this tea will go to the Social Bite Charity.”

The launch of this new tea ties in perfectly with eteaket’s new concept ‘Tea in Mind’ They have partnered up and work closely with charity ‘Health and Mind’ to launch and promote their new mindfulness concept. The aim is to encourage you to have a 3 minute tea routine to empower you to pause, rebalance ad create a calming space for the mind. Tea, being a product of nature is said to be full of nutrients and other benefits.

?T?ake those 3 minutes to prioritise your health, stay hydrated and create tea habits which can change your perspective.  Positivitea is now available onlin?e and can be purchased for £7.95 (100g, 40 pots) from these locations currently due to their tea room and concept store closure.

Positivitea can be purchased at Eteaket

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