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Brosserinos pizza bagel launches today!
Brosserinos pizza bagel launches today!


Bross Bagels have teamed up with Civerinos, to bring back Edinburgh’s finest pizza and bagel mash up - ‘Brosserinos’ - which launched today at 12 noon. 

Delivery is only available from Civerinos website – www.civerinos.com, Civerinos app, over the phone, deliveroo and there is an NHS pay it forward option too.

Complete with Nonna’s San Marzano tomato sugo, mozzarella di buffalo, pepperoni and Parmesan - all on a freshly baked Montreal  bagel.

The 'pizza-bagel' was a huge hit in the city when it launched for a limited period last year. Priced at £7.00 for a limited time only. 

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